Summer Heat: Exercising Safely Outdoors

As you gear up for the coming summer months, you may start take into consideration the idea of exercising outdoors.  Outdoor workouts can be the perfect opportunity to refresh your mind, challenge your muscles in a new manner, and enjoy the warmer weather. Plus, if you can spend some time outdoors for your summer workouts, […]

Summer drinks guide: Which Beverages Will Keep You lean?

As you gear up for the summer months, one thing that you definitely want to be taking into account is the beverages that you’re drinking throughout the day.  Make the wrong drink choices and you could easily end up taking in well over your target calorie intake for the day, packing on the excess weight […]

Grilling Tips For Fat Loss: Do’s And Don’ts

Getting ready for the grilling season? Worked hard over the past winter months to achieve a body that you are extremely proud of? If so, it’s going to be essential that you utilize smart grilling tips and techniques to ensure that you’re serving up only foods that are going to enhance your progress. When done […]

Healthy Summer Desserts Worth Indulging In

As the summer season gets underway, one thing that you should be paying attention to is the dessert choices you’re making.  While we could tell you that you should forgo dessert altogether and not have anything that’s going to satisfy your cravings, most people wouldn’t be able to last through the entire summer months without […]

Summer Drinks – Try These Healthy Cool-You-Down Recipes

With the summer season on the way right now, many of you may be looking forward to indulging in a number of summer beverages to help beat the heat. But, in doing so, if you aren’t careful, you may start taking in far more calories, sugar, and non-nutritive calories than you desired. The problem with […]