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Weight Loss Solution  This flat out works! I lost 8 pounds in the first week.  By the end of the third week, I dropped 25 pounds and 3 dress sizes. – Janet O. Former Marine and Korean doctor combine ancient wisdom with modern science to produce a safe and effective weight loss method that delivers […]

Overweight and Dying – Mummy Stay With Me A Little Longer

Scientists have now discovered that skeletal frame humans are more vulnerable to bouts of anxiety than that of oversized happy porkers that at the time of study were found to be less prone to depression in their recent research. Then in the same article a snippet revealed how a 16 year study stated that slim […]

Fad Diets – Skinny Celebrities Can Afford the Health Costs. Can You?

One of the issues we face dieting is learning how to manage hunger. Whether its that mid afternoon slump, or mid morning cravings, being hungry for too long is a fast way to derail all our good intentions to turn over a new lettuce leaf. Different strategies have in the past been proposed to deal […]

Weight Loss: The All Natural way without Gimmicks

If you type up Weight Loss in a keyword tracker tool or in a search engine like Google, you will be alarmed to see how many searches in a day are being done on this subject alone. Take for example, put ‘weight loss’ in their word tracking device; you will see that on a […]