Can You See Extreme Weight Loss And Stay Safe?

3750ddb68e16b6ae5c4f936c7fa7e746If you’re on a fat loss program at the moment, one of the top things that you may be questioning is just how fast you can lose weight and stay safe while you do it.

While you will always get those people who just want to lose weight and don’t really give a care as to how they do it – they just want it gone now, most people do realize that health must remain a priority.

Besides, there’s no point jeopardizing your future health just to fit into your skinny jeans in a week – not to mention torture yourself while you do it.

Instead, you want to take the moderate approach and lose weight quickly but without causing your body too much distress in the process.

So how fast can you lose weight? What’s the most extreme rate of weight loss that you should even consider?

Let’s have a look at what you should know with regards to this topic.

Your Diet Time FrameGlowing-Skin-with-healthy-diet

The very first thing that you must think about is how long you plan to use the diet. Are you just dieting for a week or so?

If that’s the case, you can likely experience a slightly faster rate of total fat loss because you won’t be starving your body for too long. Remember, all diets are essentially ‘starving’ you to some degree. How much is dependent on how severe the diet really is.

If you plan to diet for more than a couple weeks, you’re better off accepting a slower rate of weight loss and making sure that it stays off for good. Much Weight You Have To Lose

Moving along, also ask yourself how much weight you have to lose. Are we talking a couple pounds here?

Or are we talking 20-40? If you have more than 10 pounds to lose, you aren’t going to do that using any extreme weight loss plans and stay safe.

If you have a few pounds to shed, then fine, you can likely do so without harm.  Get on the intense diet and get off it just as fast.

The more intense the diet is, the faster you’ll lose that weight anyway, allowing you to come off that fast.

But, if you have many pounds to lose, you simply aren’t ever going to lose them ‘fast’.

Your Body TendencyBeautiful woman measuring her waist - high key shot in studio

Finally, also consider your body tendency. Do you tend to store fat easily? If so, your body isn’t going to give it up so easily.  In that situation, you may not perform so well on extreme weight loss diets. A more moderate approach will likely suite you better.

So there you have the main points to keep in mind as you go about your diet program. Extreme weight loss may be possible in some cases, but in many where there is more weight to lose, a moderate approach is the safest bet.



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