Can You Trust A Weight Loss Chart?

graphAs you go about your weight loss program plan, one thing that you’ll want to consider is whether a weight loss chart is really the best way to measure how you’re doing with your program.

Many people use weight loss charts as they assess their progress and how they’re doing, and it can really control their emotions.

If they see that they are now in the ‘normal weight’ range, they get very excited –thinking they’re doing everything perfectly.

If they’re in the overweight category however, frustration will be apparent and they may give up entirely, thinking they’ll just stay overweight permanently.

But there are some very negative things that can come about because of using a weight loss chart. Let’s take a look at what these are so that you can form a complete picture in your mind on how they may be throwing you off.

They Encourage Fast Weight Lossbrent-before-after

The first problem with weight loss charts is that they can encourage you to go to extremes with your diet plan if you’re going to aim to see as fast of fat loss as possible.

Basically, if you see that you’re in the overweight category and have 15 pounds to lose to get to normal weight, that gives you a firm amount of weight to shed and you may think the faster you can do this, the better. You definitely do not want to be classified as ‘overweight’.

But remember, fast weight loss doesn’t always mean safe or healthy weight loss. When you lose the weight too quickly, very often it’ll come back on just as fast as it left.

A slow and steady approach is a far better way.

They Don’t Factor Muscle In

ce08d_ORIG-posterior_chain_backThe second reason why a weight loss chart isn’t going to be ideal is because they don’t factor in muscle tissue.If you’ve been building a high amount of muscle through intense workout sessions or are just naturally muscular as you’ve been athletic your entire life, the weight loss chart will not account for this.

In fact, it may place you as overweight even though you actually have very little body fat on your body.

For these people, it’s just not going to work for them and won’t be a good idea to use.  If you feel like you have a high percentage of muscle on your body and that is why you’re so heavy, a far better plan would be to have a body fat test taken instead. That is really going to tell you the complete picture of what’s going on there.


They May Not Be Right For Teensarticle-2473253-18CD217400000578-574_306x765

Finally, last but not least, if you’re a teen or a parent of a teen who is using the chart for them, realize that teens do grow at different rates and it can take a bit of time for their body weight to normalize to the weight they will naturally be at as an adult.

For this reason, avoid using the weight loss charts for teens. If your teen or you are slightly heavy, be patient. Let your body finish its growth process and then you can focus on dieting if need be.

Instead, concentrate on eating right at this time and being active. That will be the far better approach.

So there you have the top points that you must think about as you go about your diet and consider your method of assessments. Overall, weight loss charts typically are not the best approach to be using. 



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    As you go about your weight loss program plan, one thing that you’ll want to consider is whether a weight loss chart is really the best way to measure how you’re doing with your program.Many p

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