Visceral Versus Subcutaneous Fat: Understanding The Differences And Its Implications For You

As you go about your fat loss diet program, there’s no question that your primary goal is to reduce that unsightly body fat that you have on your body. You know the stuff – the jiggly tissue that occurs under your arms, on your lower abdomen, as well as in the inner and back thigh […]

The Overweight Body: How Excess Fat Effects Your Organs

One of the greatest dangers of being overweight and carrying so much excess body fat is that this fat can start to influence the way in which all your organs function. While you may be strictly focused on how badly you think that excess body fat makes you look, never discount the importance of the […]

Obesity And Mobility – Looking Beyond Appearance

 As you go about your health and fitness diet plan, you’re        likely monitoring your progress closely in the mirror, taking  note about just how close you’re moving to your goal.  You have a certain physique image in mind that you want to  attain and are working hard to get to that slim, […]

How Body Fat Is Connected To Diabetes

As the it seems that the world just keeps growing heavier and heavier, one of the largest diseases that’s showing upwards growth trends is diabetes. More and more people are becoming affected by diabetes and sadly, it’s not just adults. Diabetes is now being seen quite regularly in our youth, indicating just how large of […]