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Set your children on the path to a healthier and happier lifestyle this Mother’s day

Monday, July 27th, 2015

preschool-child-nutrition-SmallTaking care of your health and body is always important, and this Mother’s Day should be no different. For one day of the year you are given free reign to be spoilt, get pampered and most importantly celebrate with your family being a mother. An occasion we all love and look forward to.

Children's dietary futureYet your role as a mother is not simply defined by this one day alone. Your commitment and love for them is year long. From showing them right from wrong, to teaching them about the world, every action you perform is for them and for them alone.

food-during-pregnancyBut did you know that even the way you eat can influence your children’s health decisions in the future? It’s true. From as early as pregnancy, the foods you eat can have a strong influence on the way your children’s diet develops in the future, as the Medical Research Council and Wellcome Trust discovered in their recent study.

childhood-obesity3Drawing further on this thesis, the Welcome Trust believe that even the smallest changes in our external environment and eating habits can be passed on directly through our DNA to our children. A theory that places a whole new light on recent data that suggests by 2050 nine in ten children will be obese.

It all ties down to the actions we perform today.

children’s-eating-habitBut don’t worry if you mis-behaved during your pregnancy and ate fatty foods. We all did. What matters most is the fact that you can still have a positive influence upon your children’s eating habits, beginning with the choices you make this Mother’s day.

Let us explain.

familyeatingaroundadinnertableNo matter your children’s age, there are things you can do today that can set precedent for them as they grow up and have families of their own. You can make the change, and the fascinating part is, is that all it takes is small subtle changes to help them in the right direction.

Turn your Mother’s day around

Plan-Great-Family-Bike-RidesImagine for a moment a fun-filled day filled with action, activity and enjoyment for the entire family. Bike rides, long walks, picnicking in the park… you can turn this Mother’s day into one to remember as you fill your families day with delicious low in saturated food and fun, fun, fun.

And the best part is they won’t even realise that you have removed the traditional meal out/ takeaway with a healthier option.

Instead they will be having too much fun making your Mother’s day one to remember.

And the benefits can affect you all. You, your partner, your children… all of you can begin feeling the benefits of natural weight loss and a healthier body.


So make this Mother’s day one to remember. Carefree, fun and most important, the day you know that you are setting your children in the right direction.


Set the par this Mother’s day by ensuring your children’s dietary future is secure

Sunday, July 26th, 2015

children’s dietary futureAs mothers we all seek to offer our children the best possible future. We aspire to give them everything they could ever need in order to set them in the right direction when they grow up. But what if we were to tell you that you can begin offering your children a healthier route to a happier body from the moment you conceive them? Would you be interested in learning more?

pregnancy-healthy-eatingWell, according to the Medical Research Council the way we eat during pregnancy can have a detrimental influence upon our children’s eating habits in the future.

eat_during_pregnancyUnder their thesis, they believe external environmental elements such as our diet can affect how our genes are passed onto our children. Depending on the type of external element, for example a carbohydrate based diet, could in turn cause particular genes to end up being capped.

And once capped, it is harder to activate within the body when needed – weight loss being a prime example of this scenario being put into action.

foods-to-avoid-while-pregnantIn a study performed by the Canadian Cardiovascular Genetics Research Centre they found that when a particular mechanism within our muscles is capped it can have dramatic affect upon our ability to lose weight.

Now whilst this theory is still under testing and is yet to be clinically proven in terms of knowing how much this could possibly influence a child’s eating habits, it does put what we eat as a parent into a whole new perspective.

pregnancy-dietEverything we do, every action we make in some shape and form is passed onto our children. From conception to beyond our diet choices could be having a subconscious impact upon our children.

So what do you do? Begin making the changes – today.

Scientists may believe that this is all down to genetics, but you CAN still have a positive influence over your children’s eating habits – beginning with what you do this Mother’s Day.

healthy eatingYou can make this momentous day into one that is truly worth celebrating by ensuring that you set a clear precedent for your children. From exercising regularly to cutting down on their saturated fat content, you can begin making the right changes that will continue to guide them as adults and parents themselves.

So whether you already have children or are planning to have some more in the future, make this Mother’s day one to remember – as the day you took that first step to setting them on the right path.