Detoxing 101: How To Detox Safely

woman eating salad and fruits and measuring her waistOne type of diet program set-up that many people are starting to think about and look into more often these days is a detox diet.  The idea behind detox diets is that you’ll remove all the toxic waste that’s impacting your body, creating a leaner and firmer figure in the process.

In addition to that, you’ll also improve your health and help ensure that you are able to burn fat optimally throughout the day.

This all sounds very appealing to most people and is what they’re primary after with their goals, so it seems pretty clear that a detox plan is a smart way to go.

But is it?

The fact of the matter is that when they aren’t done correctly, detox diets are not going to be ideal for health, body composition changes, or for any other benefit that you may have in mind.  They can be downright dangerous when done improperly, so this isn’t something to just jump on like another quick-fix diet plan.

Let’s have a quick look at a few of the main tips to know so that you can detox safely.

Get Sufficient Protein sources-protein-dieting

The very first thing that you must do in order to detox properly is to ensure that you are taking in sufficient protein throughout the day.  This is perhaps the biggest mistake that most people are making – they’re not taking in enough protein and thus end up losing lean muscle mass.

Most detox diet plans do not provide any protein at all, so this is something that you’ll have to adjust with the program that you’re using.

For best results, aim to get one gram of protein per pound of body weight each day.  If you’d prefer not to use whole foods to do this as you feel it will take away from the ‘detox’ effect, a protein supplement is your next best choice.

Watch Your Calorie Level

CalorieChart_v2Moving on, the second thing to watch is your calorie level.  It’s vital that you are consuming an adequate number of calories to keep up with your activity level.  Most detox diets will naturally be lower in calories, so as you go on them, make sure that you curtail on the amount of physical activity you plan to perform.

On those days where you are more active, think about doubling up on the fruit servings you’re eating and possibly adding in some healthy fats such as nuts or healthy oils.

This will provide you with the extra energy you need at this point. If you begin to lose lean muscle mass, it will just be a downward spiral from there.

Limit Your Detox Lengthdetox

Another thing to remember is that you should limit the length of the detox plan you use.  Don’t detox diet for any longer than one week total. Anything more than this is likely to put you at a nutritional deficiency and will definitely have an influence on how you feel on a day to day basis.

Instead, keep the detox short and sweet. When done properly, this is all the time that you’ll really need to spend on it.




supplementsFinally, last but not least, consider supplementation.  Taking a multivitamin is the perfect way to provide assurance that you aren’t missing out on any nutrients and that you aren’t going to do long-term harm to the body.

You will be low in calcium, iron, zinc, along with vitamin B in most instances while detoxing, so the multi will provide some relief.

So there you have the primary things that you should note about detox diets.  Be sure to use them wisely and you will feel great and see optimal results. 


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