Fall Fitness Activities To Get Back Into Your Groove

fall-fitness-ideas-3-walmart-live-betterIf you’ve fallen off the fitness bandwagon over the summer as you choose to forgo your gym workouts with summer activities such as swimming, beach volleyball, golf, or simply lying on the beach, now is the time to get back on top of your game.

Don’t automatically think that this means you need to head straight back into the gym full time however. If you’ve found that you were far more motivated to keep active over the summer since you were stepping away from the gym and doing other activities instead, keep doing this.

The most important thing to seeing results from any workout program is actually getting those workouts in. If you are unable to stay committed to doing the sessions themselves, this will definitely hinder your progress and influence your results.

Fortunately, there are many great fall activity offerings to consider.

Let’s look at a few to get you started.


Jennifer Nicole Lee rocks bikini roller blading in bikini in Miami BeachThe first fall activity to consider doing is rollerblading. Rollerblading is a great option at this time of the year because you won’t get so hot while you go about your workouts and therefore may push yourself harder than you otherwise would.

Rollerblading is excellent for giving a strong cardiovascular boost and for also strengthening the entire lower body.


FootballWith football season underway, take part and play a few games yourself. The nice thing about football is that it mimics interval training very well due to its stop and go nature, making it ideal for those who want to boost their metabolism and enhance their overall fat burning results.

Football can be played with just a few people or is also great in teams, so consider getting a few people together for a recreational game once per week.

Or if you’re really ambitious, you can also join an outdoor recreational league instead.


Sexy-Girls-Bikes-199Cycling is also really great at this time of year as it’s going to help boost your lower body strength and will increase your muscular endurance.

If you can find a hilly path somewhere to cycle, this will make the activity even more effective as then you’ll be challenging your lower body every step of the way.

Cycling is a great activity for anyone who plays other sports demanding lower body force generation capacity and is also good for those who can’t run due to knee pain.

Raking Leaves

Jonesville High School FFA NHS Community Service (7)While not considered a recreational activity per say, if you have leaves to rake up outside, this is a perfect way to get in your physical activity for the day.  Raking leaves will burn plenty of calories and work all the primary muscles in the upper back as well as the core and to some degree, the lower body region as well, so you really can’t go wrong with it.

So this fall, consider any one of these activities. Add these to a full body workout program performed twice per week and you’ll have a well-rounded fitness plan developed for yourself. 

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