Grilling Tips For Fat Loss: Do’s And Don’ts

Grilling Tips For Fat Loss

Getting ready for the grilling season? Worked hard over the past winter months to achieve a body that you are extremely proud of?

If so, it’s going to be essential that you utilize smart grilling tips and techniques to ensure that you’re serving up only foods that are going to enhance your progress. When done properly, grilling is one of the best cooking methods that you can do due to the fact that the fat from many meats will drip right off during the cooking process.

The key is making sure that you choose the right foods to grill and go easy on the additional ingredients you’re adding while grilling.

Let’s have a quick peek at a few of the top grilling tips that you should know.

Pick Proper ProteinPick Proper Protein

The very first step to healthy grilling is to make sure that you select a good protein source to grill in the first place. If you’re grilling up beef burgers or fatty cuts of steak, you aren’t going to be creating the lean meal that you’re after.

Instead, opt for leaner sources of protein such as chicken, turkey breast, fish, or seafood. These will contain hardly any fat and will still provide you with all the protein you need to form that healthy diet plan.

Load Up On Vegetables

Vegetarian-Meals-ProteinNext, make sure that you aren’t overlooking vegetables either.  Vegetables are loaded with nutrients, low in calories, and tend to taste great on the grill.
Good vegetable options include zucchini, onions, peppers, and portabella mushrooms. Of course you don’t have to limit yourself to just these only, but do keep in mind that they tend to sit best on the grill.

Go With Sweet Potatoes30453_l

The next quick grilling tip to remember so that you can keep your healthy diet on track is that you should opt for sweet potatoes rather than regular. They’re higher in nutrients and will produce a lower rate of blood sugar spike, so will be better for controlling your level of hunger throughout the coming hours after the meal.

Sweet potatoes taste great on the grill, especially with a little fresh dill sprinkled on top of them.

Know Your Condiments And Sauces

condiments - assortedFinally, the last important thing that you must remember this grilling season is to really pay attention to the condiments and sauces you’ll be using.

This is where so many people go wrong because they choose great foods to grill, but by the time they add on their condiments or whatever else they happen to be using to flavor their food, their calorie intake is through the roof.

To avoid this, know your sauces well. Try using only marinades made without sugar or opt for just herbs and spices as well.

Soy sauce or Worcestershire sauce is also a great option as these contain no calories. Just be sure to go with a lower sodium soy sauce to watch how much salt you take in.

So there you have the quick and easy grilling tips this summer to help you enjoy the season without throwing your diet off track. 



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