Healthy Winter Comfort Foods

asautedpepperedlemon-mar_65075The winter months can be a challenging time for anyone seeking fat loss success since you’re far more likely to find yourself turning to comfort foods that are high in calories as well as high in fat or sugar.  If you opt for these foods a little too often, you will definitely be looking at some serious weight gain come spring.

Fortunately, if you make a few smarter swaps with your diet, you can still indulge in some healthy winter comfort foods, satisfying those cravings and still keeping your diet in place.

Let’s have a look at a few that will help you eat well and maintain optimal nutrition.

Apple Pie Oatmeal

apple pie oatmeal The first winter comfort food to prepare for yourself is apple pie oatmeal. For this one, simply slice up an apple and sprinkle with some cinnamon and a small amount of brown sugar or sugar substitute.  Bake for 5-10 minutes until soft and while that’s baking, prepare your standard bowl of oatmeal using skim milk to add more creaminess to the dish.

Add in the apple, sprinkle with cinnamon once again and then serve.

Toasted Walnuts

toasted-walnutsToasted walnuts are an excellent way to get in healthy omega fats and help curb hunger between meals. To toast walnuts, simply coat with one or two egg whites and then whatever spices or herbs you’d like and ten bake for 15-20 minutes, stirring a few times throughout the baking process.

Note that if you prefer not to flavor these, you can simply leave out the egg whites and spices and toast them as-is.

Chicken Noodle Soup

favorite-creamy-chicken-noodle-soup-05Chicken noodle soup is the next best winter comfort food to indulge in. Prepare this with grilled chicken breast cut up to keep the protein source as lean as possible and then an assortment of vegetables including broccoli, carrots, celery, green beans, peas, corn, and anything else you desire.

Add a few egg noodles towards the end of cooking and you’ll be all set with a well-balanced meal.  If you prefer, you can also use brown rice rather than noodles for an added fiber boost to this meal.

Pancakes With Maple Syrup

buttermilk-pancakes-with-fresh-raspberries-maple-syrupFinally, for those weekend mornings when you’re craving comfort, go for a healthier variation of pancakes.

Combine together three egg whites with half a scoop of whey protein powder and a quarter cup of raw oatmeal. Add some sweetener and cinnamon if desired and then cook as you would a normal pancake, flipping at halftime.

Once finished, drizzle with some sugar-free maple syrup and then serve with fresh sliced fruit on top.

So next time you’re feeling in the mood for a little comfort food during the cooler winter months, turn to these options rather than the standard fare of macaroni and cheese, pizza, pasta, perogies, or whatever other high calorie dishes you normally eat.

The less frequently you’re having those on your diet, the sooner you’ll reach your goal weight and feeling great about your progress. 

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