Obesity And Mobility – Looking Beyond Appearance

article-0-11E1DE5B000005DC-95_634x539 As you go about your health and fitness diet plan, you’re        likely monitoring your progress closely in the mirror, taking  note about just how close you’re moving to your goal.

 You have a certain physique image in mind that you want to  attain and are working hard to get to that slim, attractive  figure.

 But, you don’t want to make the mistake of just putting all  the focus on your physical appearance. While looking good  definitely is important as it will increase your self-  confidence levels and allow you to feel better overall, you  can’t discount the physical limitation that you will remove when you do lose the excess weight.

Let’s take a closer look at this issue so you can be sure that you keep it in mind as well.  The more positive benefits you know that come from successful weight loss, the higher your motivation will be to continue.


Obesity And Joint Stress

The very first thing that you really must think about is the fact that with all that excess weight you’reobesity carrying around, this will be a great stress load on all your joints.  If you want to maintain an active lifestyle, you may start to find that you suffer from knee, hip, or lower back pain over time.

The more weight you’re carrying, the worse this problem will be and in many cases it will seriously hinder your overall mobility and quality of life.

Obesity And Muscle Fatigue

Another issue related to obesity and mobility is the fact that your muscles will be much quicker to 271233-obesity fatigue when you have an extra 30-60 pounds on your      frame.

For you, each time you perform any sort of physical task it will almost be as if you’re putting your body through a weight lifting session.

While many people who are obese have come to grow stronger muscles because of this, often they are still not strong enough to overcome the fatigue that’s brought on from carrying this excess weight.

Shedding the extra fat will really make a remarkable difference on just how fatigued you feel at the end of the day. With the weight gone, you’ll find you’ll have energy all the way up to when you’re ready to go to bed.


Obesity And Heart Rates

Finally, the last factor that links obesity to mobility is the heart rate factor.  When you’re carrying around all the fat mass on your body, you’re going to have to work that much harder to transportStory yourself around and this is going to place great strain on your heart.

You’ll find that you get breathless walking up even a short flight of stairs and experience higher than normal heart rates because of it.

Having such a high heart rate is not going to be healthy and could eventually cause your heart to become overworked, so this is yet another reason to really focus on shedding the excess weight so that you get to a healthier state.

So there you have all the many reasons why appearance shouldn’t just be the primary focus of your weight loss plan.  If you want to sustain a higher quality of life over time, then you must do something to rid yourself of the excess weight. 


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