Spring Clean Your Cupboards – Foods That You Should Say So-Long To

Spring Clean Your CupboardsOne of the best things that you can do when you first get started on a fat loss diet plan is go through all your cupboards and fridge and remove any food items that may cause you problems.

Keeping nothing but healthy food at home is the absolute best way to ensure that you are going to see dietary success as this will go a long way towards preventing cravings from setting in. 

Understanding which foods should get the boot is going to be the very first step to take to get you on track.  Let’s have a look at the main ones to note.

Granola And Energy Bars

Granola And Energy BarsThe very first food that should get the boot on your diet plan is granola and energy bars. If you happen to think that these are going to supply you with a lasting source of energy, think again. 

They’re filled with processed carbs and will just lead to an energy high followed by an energy crash, so are not something that you should be putting into your body.

Sugary Cereals

Sugary CerealsNext, if you have any sugary cereals in your pantry, these have to go as well. Keep in mind that they don’t necessarily have to appear to be sugary cereals either.  There are many cereals out there that seem to be healthy – they’re made with whole grains and aren’t kid-friendly, that still contain too much sugar.

Read the package label and see for yourself what’s in the cereal.  If the sugar content is any higher than 4 grams per serving, put it back on the shelf.

Frozen Dinners

Frozen DinnersFrozen dinners are another no-no on your diet plan.  These are nice because they’re portion controlled, but they also contain very little protein and lack dietary fiber.  All in all, they aren’t going to satisfy you or provide your body with the nutrients that you need.

Pick up some frozen vegetables, frozen chicken breast, and minute brown rice and you’ll have a meal just as quickly that is actually nutritious.

Fat Free Pudding

Fat Free PuddingOne snack food that many people view as a healthy ‘treat’ to add into their plan is fat free pudding.  Don’t be fooled.  That fat free pudding is almost entirely made up of sugar and won’t keep you feeling satisfied for long.

Furthermore, it will just cause an insulin spike and encourage fat loss to take place, so eating this right before bed as dessert – as most people do, is not going to be a wise move.

If you must have pudding, prepare your own with some skim milk and add in a scoop of protein powder to help balance out the nutrition it contains.

Fruit Juice

fruit-juiceFinally, if you have fruit juice in your fridge, that’s another item that you must rethink. Fruit juice is simply too high in sugar and calories to be included as part of a healthy diet plan, so it’s going to do nothing but set you back.

Eat real fruit instead.

By takingsome time right now to go through your pantry, fridge, and freezer and get rid of any items that you know won’t promote a healthy body, you can boost your chances of success. 

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