Spring Clean Your Weight Loss – Bad Habits To Banish

Spring Clean Your Weight LossIf you’re gearing up to begin on a weight loss diet plan, it’s important that you take into consideration some of the vital things that you should do to help you move forward. With spring right around the corner, many people are looking to shed the weight that they’ve accumulated over the winter months and with the right approach, this definitely will be possible.

But, in order to do so, there are a few bad habits that you need to do away with for good.

Let’s have a quick look at what these bad habits are so that you can get started with removing them from your lifestyle.

Late-Night Eating

Late night eatingThe very first habit you need to get rid of is late night eating.  Late night eating is going to be detrimental because far too often, people are eating foods that they shouldn’t during this period. They’re not snacking on lean protein sources and vegetables, they’re eating high calorie items that will definitely set them back in terms of their progress.

To help prevent this, start getting out during the evening. Make plans to get out of the house and you won’t be around the foods you typically eat.

Then plan for a healthy snack before bed when you get home and you won’t have to worry about going to bed hungry. If you eat a light snack that contains a good mixture of nutrients, then it definitely can be a part of your diet plan.

Stress Eating

Stress EatingThe second habit that you want to banish is stress eating.  If you find that you’re constantly eating due to emotional reasons, you need to gain control over this.  Use a stress journal, see a counsellor, or simply phone a friend. Just do something that allows you to remove that stress without having to turn to food.

As soon as you seek solace in brownies, ice cream, or cake, you’re headed for diet trouble.

Starving Then Binging

Starving then bingingAnother bad habit that needs to get the boot is starving and then binging.  This is a particular bad habit to have yet one that far too many people suffer from.  The reason this develops is they try and consume so few calories throughout the day so they can lose weight as fast as possible, that by the time dinner hits, they just want to binge.

They’re so hungry that they can no longer control themselves and end up eating far more than they should.

Start evenly spacing your meals out more and you won’t have this problem.

Using Black Or White Thinking

Using Black Or White ThinkingFinally, the last bad habit to stop immediately is using black and white thinking.  If you view yourself as either all ‘good’ or all ‘bad’ on your diet, you’re likely to toss in the towel at even the smallest of slip ups.  Doing this will instantly set you back as you’ll likely proceed to consume hundreds if not thousands of calories in your disappointed state.

Remember, small changes yield big results over time and set-backs are normal.  Be patient with yourself and remember that this is about leading a healthier lifestyle, not being a success or failure.

Start working on removing these unhealthy habits so that you can move forward and see optimal weight loss success this spring. 

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