Summer drinks guide: Which Beverages Will Keep You lean?

Crazy-Cool-Summer-DrinksAs you gear up for the summer months, one thing that you definitely want to be taking into account is the beverages that you’re drinking throughout the day.  Make the wrong drink choices and you could easily end up taking in well over your target calorie intake for the day, packing on the excess weight rapidly.

That said, if you make the right choices, you can stay hydrated, stay refreshed, and possibly even do your body some good.

Let’s take a quick look at which drink options will be your best choice this coming summer.

Iced Green Teagreen-tea

If you’re craving an iced beverage, try iced green tea.  Rather than purchasing the commercial variety of it however, try brewing your own green tea and then placing it over ice instead.

Add some lemon juice for added flavor and this drink will actually help to speed up your metabolism while providing you with some strong antioxidant support.

Fruit Slushies

strawberry-limeade-slushieMany people are in the habit of purchasing soda based slushes, which come in very high in total sugar and calorie content.  Instead, opt for fruit slushes. Preparing these yourself will give you a beverage that’s high in fiber and lower in sugar as all you’ll be taking in is natural fruit sugar.

To create these, simply blend some frozen berries with some ice cubes and a bit of seltzer water if desired.  Continue blending until that slush consistency is reached and then serve immediately.  This is one drink that won’t stay good for long, so prepare it immediately before you are going to consume it.

Water With Sliced FruitWatermelon Mojito Mixer

If you’re looking for something very basic, consider some water with sliced fruit.  Water is calorie free and the absolute best way to hydrate the body so a choice that you can’t go wrong with.  Since many people tire of the regular bland water taste, try adding a few pieces of sliced fruit to the water instead.

This will instantly increase the taste without adding any significant number of calories.

Home-Made Milk Shake

red-hot-cocoa-finalFinally, the last beverage that you may want to consider is a home-made milk shake. if you’re in the mood for something creamy, these will definitely do the trick and help to keep your hunger satisfied for hours after you consume it due to the higher protein content.

To prepare this shake, combine one scoop of vanilla or chocolate protein powder, one to two tablespoons of sugar-free pudding powder, one cup of skim milk, and 1-2 ice cubes.  Blend until a thick consistency is reached and then serve.

The pudding powder is the real secret in this recipe to add extra thickness to the shake, so make sure that you don’t leave it out.

So there you have the top beverages that you must consider on your diet plan.  If you are downing fruit juice, soda, alcoholic beverages, or commercial fruit smoothies, you will be packing on the weight in no time.  Go for these options instead. 


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