Summer Sports That Burn Fat Fast

Summer Sports That burn fat fastIf you’re antsy to get out of the gym this summer but definitely do not want to kiss your hard-earned results goodbye in terms of your body composition and muscularity, the great news is that by partaking in some of the seasonal sports, you can easily maintain your body and have some fun while you’re at it.

So many people come to believe that the only way to get in a workout has to be in the confines of the gym, but that just isn’t the case at all.

In fact, by taking your workout outside of the gym and into a new environment, you may just take your progress up a notch.  The sports that we’re about to describe will all challenge your muscles in a brand new manner, evoking greater strength gains as well as helping to improve your balance and agility as well.

Plus, you’ll still burn plenty of calories, so they’ll assist with weight control over the summer months.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the top summer sports that you should be giving some consideration to.

Beach VolleyballBeach Volleyball

One of the most intense summer sports that you should be playing on a regular basis is beach volleyball. This sport is great because not only does it tend to be stop and go in nature similar to an interval cardio workout would be, but due to the instability the sandy surface provides, this will really go a long way towards strengthening the lower body muscles.

Beach volleyball also dramatically enhances your body-mind awareness and coordination, so will transfer over to other sports or activities that you happen to participate in as well.


RollerbladingBalboaThe second activity that you’ll want to think about adding to your program is rollerblading. Rollerblading is a perfect lower body strengthener as it’s going to target your glutes, hamstrings, as well as quads.

If you add some hills to the trail that you’re on, you’ll also get in a very good cardiovascular workout as well, similar to that of what you’d get with high intensity training.

Rollerblading, when done intensely enough, is on par in terms of calorie burn with running, so it definitely earns top marks when it comes to your overall fat loss progress.

Rock Climbing

Finally, the last summer sport that you should consider investing some time into is rock climbing. Rock rock-climbing-mark-engelbrecht-4climbing will help to boost your upper body and core strength especially, so is a great way to balance out the other activities that you might be doing as you go about your workout week.

Rock climbing does take some practice to get used to and perform correctly, so consider investing in a few lessons first before you head out on your own. This will both ensure safety as well as make sure you’re targeting the right muscles.

There you have the top summer sports to think about getting involved in this summer. You don’t have to forgo your workouts if you don’t want to, but these are all excellent additions to any program that you’re doing. 

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