Summer Treats That Save Your Diet

r-SUMMER-SNACKS-large570As you gear up for the warmer months, there’s no question that you’ll still suffer from cravings from time to time and want to tempt your taste buds with something sweet or decadent.  But, if you choose unwisely, these treats can really pack on the pounds.

Since the summer months are a time of less clothing and hours spent on the beach, chances are you won’t appreciate a 2-3 pound weight gain that comes along with these indulgences.

Fortunately, if you choose your treats wisely, they don’t have to spell fat gain.  Let’s look at some of the top summer treats to go for that will save your diet and cure your cravings fast.

Sugar-Free Jell-Osugar-free-jello

You simply can’t go wrong with sugar free Jell-O when you’re trying to satisfy your food cravings and keep your diet in check.  Sugar free Jell-O is almost calorie free and when topped with fruit or whipped topping, will definitely make for a special treat.

With a number of different flavors that you can choose from, you’ll be sure to find something that you enjoy.

Home Made Angel Food Cake

ghk-0405-strawberry-angel-food-layer-cake-fCRGQE-mdnAnother great dessert option this summer is some home-made angel food cake.  Angel food cake is lower in fat than many other cakes and has a much lighter and airy texture to it.

If you prepare it yourself, you can use lower fat methods of cooking it by replacing some of the oil with applesauce or the sugar with a substitute.

Whip up a low-fat cream cheese icing for it and you’ll have a refreshing dessert that will be a great crowd pleaser.



Fruit SmoothiesFruit Smoothies

Fruit smoothies are the next option to consider. If you prepare these with some low-fat yogurt, frozen fruits, and skim milk, they’ll come in at under 200 calories per serving and will provide you with a great dose of protein and fiber.

Frozen fruit is the key to creating this dessert as it will give it that frothy texture that you’re looking for.

Jell-O Freezer Pops

-watermelon-freezer-popsFinally, the last summer dessert to consider preparing as you look to satisfy your sweet tooth are Jell-O freezer pops.  If you’re a big fan of fudge cycles, this will definitely strike your interest.

To prepare them, whip up some sugar-free chocolate pudding powder as you normally would but place them in freezer molds in the freezer to set.  In a few hours, you’ll have at frozen treat that’s lower in calories than the original, almost sugar free, and that also packs in some protein as well.

So as you gear up for the warmer months, keep these desserts in mind.  You definitely do not need to deprive yourself if you want to stick with your diet as long as you are sure to choose carefully. 



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