What is the definition of diet?

plant_and_animal_food A diet comprises those foods that one lives on from day to day. Generally, humans are either omnivores or vegetarians. Omnivores are people whose diets consist of plant and animal food sources; whereas, vegetarians live on vegetables and fruits only.

Milk_water_beer_whiskyThe New Webster’s Dictionary of English Language defines diet as; the food and drink normally taken by an individual or a group or a prescribed course of what is to be eaten and what is not. This definition takes into account the fact that what you drink e.g. Milk, water, beer, whisky etc is part of your diet.

There is a saying that, you are what you eat, meaning that your diet can go a long way to predict what you will become in future considering that some diets confers longevity and some kill you fast.

Imagine a diet of ice creams and chocolates, or beer, whisky and beef etc.

Problems of Dieting

junk_food_unhealthyDiets come with some problems especially bad diets. When a person becomes addicted to a particular unhealthy diet, there is predisposition to several diseases simply because of the diet. The subject of healthy dieting is now a very popular one across the globe and more and more people are realizing the need to develop a well thought out diet deemed fit for themselves. High fat diet may cause stroke, hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, obesity and low self esteem.

Low Protein diet results in malnourishment and depressed immune system, anemia (this is common in vegetarians), and in children kwashikor, a form of protein energy malnutrition.


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