What To Look For In A Workout Buddy

beautiful-girl-working-outAs you get geared up to start your workout routine, one thing that you must do is take into account the benefits of having a workout partner.  Having someone there alongside you is great for motivational purposes and will also help to keep you on track and using the right form.

Workout buddies are a very powerful way to stay committed so if your motivation often lags behind and that’s why you fall off your program, you’ll definitely want to get yourself one.

But, as you go about the search for a workout buddy, it’s important that you keep a few things in mind so you can make sure that you and that workout buddy are a good match.

Just like dating, you don’t want to be workout buddies with someone who isn’t right for you.  Let’s look at what you want to know.

Assess Your Skill Levelworkingout2

The very first thing to look at is the skill level of you and your potential workout buddy.  While it’s highly motivating to workout with someone more fit and in better shape than you, it may not be quite as rewarding on their end.

Likewise, if you’re much more advanced than the person you have in mind, you may find that you start to get frustrated during the session as you want to advance quicker than they’re able to.

The best case scenario is that you’re at the same skill level, and then obviously working towards the same goal.

It’s going to be best if both of you are focused on fat loss as then your workouts will be very similar already.

Determine Common Workout Time Preferences

workouttimeThe second thing that you absolutely must do is confirm that you are able to get together at a time that works for both of you.

If your potential partner likes to workout when the sun rises and you can hardly crawl out of bed without a cup of coffee at your side, there may be trouble ahead.

If you’re going to have a workout buddy, you must make sure that the workout buddy is going to show up on time for each of your workouts.  Otherwise you’ll just get doubly frustrated as they’re not present and it feels like too much work to even schedule a session in.



Check For Personality Match

Assessing for a good personality match is important as well.  Are you someone who likes to push really fitness-motivationhard during your workouts, moving quickly from set to set with little to no rest?

Or do you prefer to take your time and go at it using a slower pace so you can socialize and enjoy the process?

If you’re someone who likes the fast paced, down-to-business style of workouts and you pair up with a workout buddy who wants to chat between sets, you will be beyond frustrated in no time.

Your workout styles must match each other or one person is never going to feel fulfilled from your sessions together.  This is also going to play a key role in the type of program you choose as well as those intense personalities tend to gravity to more intensive programs, so it will determine whether you’re even using a similar workout approach also.

So there you have the key things to note about choosing a workout buddy.  When chosen correctly, this will definitely have a good impact on your success and allow you to stick with that workout long-term. 






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