Why Weight Loss Plateaus Occur

weight-lossIf you’re on a fat loss plan and have been doing your workouts religiously while following an intense diet program, you are likely hoping for nothing but the best of success.

So when you see your results start to slow down, you may seriously begin to wonder what’s up and get frustrated over the fact that you just don’t seem to be getting results.

What gives? You were making excellent progress and now you are hardly moving forward at all.

It’s frustrating to say the least.

If this is the situation at hand, you are definitely in what’s known as a weight loss plateau.

Let’s take a look at what weight loss plateaus are and why they occur.

What A Weight Loss Plateau Isatkins-weight-loss-plateau

First let’s take a look at what a weight loss plateau is.  Simple stated, a weight loss plateau is any point in time when you’re following a reduced calorie diet program and workout where your weight loss comes to a halt.

Basically, just as the situation described, what you were doing was working but now it’s not. It might almost feel like your body is trying to fight you.

Often, you’ll be miserable, you’ll be hungry, and you’ll be so irritated that your friends and family may not want to be around you.

You are not a happy dieter – that is for sure.

Why Weight Loss Plateaus Occur

03505f2d2e4967d6ee8d4ad830ed539fSo what causes a weight loss plateau to occur in the first place? Understanding this can give you insight so you know how to resolve it.

The primary reason why weight loss plateaus occur is because your body begins to adapt. Your body does not want to be on a diet plan.  In fact, your body loves excess body fat – to it, it means that should a famine occur, you have plenty of resources to stay alive.  It’s not exactly willing to part with your body fat tissue.

But yet, here you are, giving it less food than it wants and basically forcing it to starve. As such, it takes measures against you.

It’s going to cause your metabolism to slow down so now you’re burning fewer calories each day. Since you’re consuming fewer calories, it tries to match this consumption so no further weight loss will occur.

When this happens, that’s when you reach the weight loss plateau. Now you’re hardly eating any food and Woman_Scales7_Syour body weight is staying constant. Your body has now adapted.

So to bust through the plateau, you’re going to have to shock your body with something new so that its’ no longer adapted. When you do that, that’s when you’ll finally be able to start seeing results again.

There are ways to do this on both the diet as well as the workout front, so it must be a comprehensive approach when really trying to tear through that plateau in record time.

So there you have the main factors to know about a weight loss plateau. As frustrating as they may be, you can get out of them if you use smart strategies and a sound approach. 




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