Why You Should Toss Your Scale Today

788061If you’re on the quest for successful fat loss, one of the best things that you could do right now, contrary to what most people believe, is chuck your scale.

“But how will you know if you’re progressing?” you might think.  The truth of the matter is that there is really no reason to have a body weight scale in your house.

Let’s go over why this is and present you with some smarter strategies for faster success.


The Problem With The Scale

The big issue that occurs with the scale is the fact that the scale will not account for fat or muscle mass the_scale_isn_t_the_problem__part__5__by_adamflys-d6qil5llost, or will it take into account you gaining water.

If you eat a high salt meal the night before, it’s highly likely and probably that you could be two to three pounds heavier the next day.

Did you gain body fat?

Definitely not.

Your body is just retaining water from the extra sodium you took in.  Most people don’t realize this, thus it instantly causes disappointment and frustration to set in, which then may lead them to pack their diet in entirely.

Additionally, if you’ve been working out hard and gain lean muscle tissue, this could make your scale weight go up, which you would then view as a negative thing. But really, it’s a very positive thing.

More lean muscle mass means a firmer, fitter body, plus a higher metabolic rate. It’s really a win-win, yet few people would celebrate the scale going up.

The Better Approaches

Close up of a slim beautiful waist with measuring tape.So what’s the better approach? How can you measure your progress if you aren’t using a body weight scale?

The first great strategy is to simply use the mirror. Let the mirror be your guide.

Do you look leaner? Look more defined? Can you see your waist size decreasing? If so, these are all great indications of progress.  Chances are, you will be moving in the right direction.

In addition to this, you might also consider getting your body fat test taken. This is the true way to measure your progress as your body fat will represent how much actual body fat you have on your body – which is what you want to decrease.

It gives the complete picture of what’s going on so that you know that your body fat is in fact changing.

Finally, the last method to use is the clothes trick. If you’re losing body fat, chances are your clothes will fit looser, even if you are gaining muscle mass since muscle tissue is such dense tissue altogether.

If you are now fitting into jeans you never used to, this is a very good sign and you should keep on doing what you’re doing because you’re on path to success.

So there you have the main things to consider about the scale. It really doesn’t work in your favor in any way, so choose otherwise.  Use a different measurement and you’ll likely have more success because of it. 



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