Workout Techniques To Smash Through Any Plateau

treadmill-photo-520x345Suffering from a weight loss plateau? If so, chances are you are mighty frustrated by this point – and possibly even considering giving up altogether.

But, before you do, it’s vital that you think about a few of the simple yet highly effective things that you could be doing instead to get through this plateau and back onto greater success.

There’s no sense tossing away all the hard work you’ve put in when by making a few adjustments, you can accelerate your progress forward.

Let’s have a quick peak at a few of the top workout techniques that you should try out if you’re stuck in that dreaded weight loss plateau.

Introduce Interval Trainingmaia9_a

The first and probably most effective way to bust through a plateau is to introduce interval training. If you’ve been slugging it out on the treadmill, bike, or elliptical, doing moderate paced sessions for what seems like hours on end, this has got to change.

These types of workouts are just not going to produce the high level of results you’re after so really should be avoided in the first place.

Instead, try out interval training. Substitute periods of very high intensity work with periods of lower intense workout for 30-60 second intervals. Repeat this 6-10 times and add a five minute warm up and cool-down.

Do that two to three times per week and watch your results soar.

Change Weight Lifting Formats

letöltésNext, also consider changing around your strength training program. If you’ve been using free weights for quite some time, think about switching it up and using weight machines instead.

Or, try kettlebell training.

There are so many different ways that you can go about putting together a strength and conditioning program for yourself, so there’s no reason to ever allow your body to adapt.

Even just changing some of the exercises you’re doing around can be enough to totally renew the program and get you seeing faster results.



Take A Week Off

Finally, last but not least, consider taking a week off your workout program. As odd as it may seem, the-importance-of-rest-days-and-why-you-should-take-1-2-days-a-week-off-from-working-out-3526sometimes rest is the key.

If you’ve been pushing hard for a very long time, chances are your body is quite exhausted and could use the break. Give it some rest and as soon as you come back and start training again, don’t be surprised if results start moving along far more quickly.

Plus, this will also help to re-energize your mind and help enhance your motivational level as well, both of which can be excellent for keeping you going with your program.

The important thing to remember about busting through a plateau is to avoid getting too frustrated and instead to think rationally. Try making a few changes here and there and see what results come about.

Usually all it takes is just one or two small adjustments and you’ll be back on track again, seeing great results. 



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