Your Summer Prep Guide: Steps To Getting A Beach Worthy Body

Steps To Getting A Beach Worthy Body If you’re getting all geared up for the summer season or starting to think about wearing a bathing suit on the beach and feeling a little nervous, it’s time to enact an action plan that will bring you the fastest rate of results possible.

If you plan ahead and start your workouts now, you’ll have plenty of time to make a significant transformation so you look and feel your best.

Let’s walk you through some of the steps that you need to take to get your summer, ‘beach’ worthy body.

Step 1: Plan Your Diet

Plan Your DietThe very first step that you need to take is get a good diet plan in place.  For optimal results, you’ll want to focus on a diet that’s rich in protein, high in fiber, low in processed carbs, and contains a small dose of healthy fats as well.

Place your higher calorie complex carbs such as oatmeal, brown rice, and millet around the workout periods when you’re most active and you’ll be fueled for those sessions and won’t suffer from any fat gain.

Step 2: Form A Complete Full Body Workout Routine

Form A Complete Full Body Workout RoutineThe second step on your beach body plan is to come up with a full body workout routine.  Full body workouts are going to earn top marks because they’ll boost your metabolism considerably, so by doing three week, you’ll see a sharp increase in how many calories you burn all week long.

Since fat loss does require you to be in that calorie deficit, this will go a long way to helping you accomplish that goal.

Step 3: Think About Cardio Training

Think About Cardio TrainingCardio training is the next thing to think about and add into the picture.  Cardio training is going to help to work your heart, improve your blood cholesterol profile, and help you burn off a few more calories as well.

When doing your cardio training you should be focusing on interval training for the most part as this will be the most beneficial variety in terms of boosting your calorie burn and anaerobic capabilities.

If you aren’t at the skill level yet to perform interval training, not to stress, steady state training will do fine as well. Just be sure to keep a good balance throughout the week between steady state training and your weight lifting workouts.

Some people have a tendency to overdo the steady state workouts and this can lead to systemic overtraining.

Step 4: Get Smart With Supplements

PhenFinally, last but not least, consider supplementation.  A good fat burning product that will help to decrease your appetite level, increase your energy, and help you burn off a few more calories is the perfect way to assist with the fat burning process.

In addition to this, also consider some essential fatty acid supplementation along with a good quality multi-vitamin.

Both of these will also help ensure that you are going to feel your best as you go about the weight loss process.

So there you have the main things to keep in mind regarding achieving your summer body.  Set your sights high and attack this goal and you’ll be looking great in as little as a month. 

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